have you heard ?

who would've thought we'd live to see these days?

the creator has allowed us to discover His signature in our DNA.

not only were we intelligently designed as a physiological species but He took such care when crafting each of us, to the point where even the stars tell each of our stories.

He is here. it's been scientifically proven. but it's beyond the church and incessant begging and worship. it's IN your DNA. the code that is you. every breath you take says His name.

with this knowledge you no longer hide in shame and doubt. you wear His name for all to see. so that anyone who sees may ask and know of the divine love coursing through their own veins, that they need only acknowledge and celebrate to see that love projected and magnified around them.

He gave us christ, He gave us grace.

He gave us temptation, He gave us discernment.

let us be the light for those who have yet to see.